Pendants / Charms

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Corns Series M3813 to M3816

Jewelry Catalogue Vol.3

Hand Charm Series M3823 to M3824

Jewelry Catalogue Vol.3

Plain Oval Dog Tag Pendants M4130 to M 4132

Jewellery Catalogue Vol.3 Items: M4130, M4131, M4132

Plain Rectangle Pendants

M4115 - M4116 - M4117 Available 10KY 10KW 14KY 14KW

Round Pendants M4140

Available in 10KY 10KW 10KR 14KY 14KW - 10mm 12mm 13mm 15mm 18mm

10k Heart Pendant M3632

Available in 10K M3632 medium YG WG RG 10K M3632 Large YG

10k Heart Pendant M3633

Available in 10K M3631 YG WG RG 10K M3617 YG WG RG 10K m3633 YG

10k Heart Pendant M3634

Available in 10K Medium M3634 YG WG RG 10K Large M3634 YG

10k Heart Pendant Double Hoops M3635

Available in 10K M3634 YG WG RG