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Pendants / Charms

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Corns Series M3813 to M3816

Jewelry Catalogue Vol.3

Hand Charm Series M3823 to M3824

Jewelry Catalogue Vol.3

Large Rectangular Zodiacs (M-4513 to M-4524)

Jewelry Catalog Vol.3 p.45 Items M4513, M4514, M4515, M4516, M4517, M4518, M4519, M4520, M4521, M4522, M4523, M4524.

Large Round Zodiacs 20mm (M4413 to M4424)

Jewelry Catalog Vol.3 Page 44 Items M4413, M4414, M4415, M4416, M4417, M4418, M4419, M4420, M4421, M4422, M4423, M4424.

Plain Dog Tag Pendants M4115 to M 4117

Jewellery Catalogue Vol.3 Items: M4115, M4116, M4117

Plain Oval Dog Tag Pendants M4130 to M 4132

Jewellery Catalogue Vol.3 Items: M4130, M4131, M4132

Plain Round Dog Tag Pendants M4140 to M 4142

Jewellery Catalogue Vol.3 Items: M4140, M4141, M4142

Round Medallion Pendants

Available in 12mm, 15mm, 18mm

Small Rectangular Zodiacs (M4501 to M4512)

Jewelry Catalog Vol.3 Page 45 Items M4501, M4502, M4503, M4504, M4505, M4506, M4507, M4508, M4509, M4510, M4511, M4512.