Pendants / Charms

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Double Heart

Available 7mm - 10KY 10KW 10KR

Corns Series M3813 to M3816

Jewelry Catalogue Vol.3

Hand Charm Series M3823 to M3824

Jewelry Catalogue Vol.3

Plain Rectangle Pendants

M4115 - M4116 - M4117 Available 10KY 10KW 14KY 14KW

Round Disc Pendants M4140

Available in 10KY 10KW 10KR 14KY 14KW 14KR - 10mm 13mm 15mm 18mm

Floating Heart

Available 15mm 16mm - 14KY 14KW

Half Round Heart With Flat Back

Available 11mm 13mm - 10KY 10KW 10KR

Plain Oval Pendants

Available 14KY 14KW

Seashell Heart

Available 14KY 14KW - 7mm 10mm 12mm 13mm